Client Feedback

Still wondering if our service is the right choice for your appraisal needs. Take a look at what some of our clients had to say regarding our services.

"Wow Tony, our insured could not say enough good things about the way his claim was handled. I explained to him we are also impressed with your diligence and follow through! He said you guys stuck by your word and he is grateful! Thanks and kudos!"

Adjuster, Amerisure

"I heard John made it out to the shop last night. Make sure he and Tony know how much I appreciate his extra effort to do so. It is greatly appreciated."

Adjuster, Cincinnati Insurance

"Thank you for following up on this issue. I appreciate everything you do for us and with the professionalism that you do it."

Claims Supervisor, Pioneer State Mutual

"Thank you! I just want to thank you for always having prompt service when I need to call or email your business. I really do appreciate it."

Adjuster, Hanover Insurance

"Thank you for the swift response. Your company is quickly becoming my number one choice to go to on large vehicle losses."

Adjuster, Cincinnati Insurance

"Our insured called in and said that the appraiser was wonderful. She said he was very nice and professional. Thank you!"

Claims Handler, Claimforce

"Thank you so much for such fast service! I also appreciate the update regarding the vehicle being repairable. Thanks so much for your help!"

Senior Claims Examiner, The ILM Group

"Please let the appraiser know what an EXCELLENT job he did on this case! We could not prove anything against the claimant, but his thoroughness with the measurements was greatly appreciated."

Claims Representative, Westfield Insurance