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2018 Statistics

At DANA we pride ourselves in providing a quick, accurate and professional service to our clients. Here are some statistics from our year in 2015.

Automobile Turnaround Time: 2.93 days
Claims Handled: 8,236
Alternative Parts Utilization: ~30%

We can provide you with company specific statistics for any time frame: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Contact our office to discuss further.

New Assignment Submission Tool

DANA is always attempting to provide a more streamlined service for our clients. We have taken our time and recreated our online assignment submission. It now includes an attachment option to allow users to attach PDFs, Word and Excel documents, or images. There is also a link to send us a PDF of your assignment page directly. Please make sure it contains all the necessary information for assignment setup.

Be sure to check out our online assignment submission. Complete the form and it will automatically e-mail us a new assignment.

Severe Weather Season!

It's the time of year for hail. DANA has years of experience with these matters and we are also testing new methods for photographing hail dents. Our appraisers have years of experience in estimating damage from severe weather. Whether the water level is rising past the floor, or a tree landed on your vehicle, we will complete a fair and balanced estimate.

The Future is Technology

At DANA are doing our best to stay ahead of or with the curve of technolgy and the benefits they can provide. We have started a program where we can see where our appraisers are located in the field. If you send us an assignment at a shop or tow yard and our appraiser is nearby and can fit in the inspection with his schedule, we will get that done for you. This is all in an attempt to improve turn around time for quicker claims handling.

Looking for an Appraiser

DANA is looking for a new field appraisers in the Metro Detroit area as of 2/7/2019. PLease contact us if you have any interest or forward a resume to Tara Serio, our office manager.

Come be an employeed appraiser at Damage Appraisers of North America!