Heavy Equipment Assignments

We utilize Mitchell Ultramate Medium and Heavy Duty databases with labor times to write our estimates. Part prices are not provided through these systems, so time is required to research and confirm part prices.

New Assignment: When a new assignment is received, we make immediate contact with the insured or claimant. A strategically placed appraiser is assigned, and the new appraisal is paged, via text message, to that appraiser. In many cases with automobile assignments, assignments may be inspected same day. Units at tow yards and shops will be inspected within two days of receipt of the assignments Units still with the owner may take additional time to set up an appointment to inspect. We will work with insured and meet them at their place of business, a roadside location, or their residence. An assignment acknowledgement with our file number, the appraisers name and contact information will be e-mailed to you.

Inspection: DANA appraisers inspect units and are required by our standards to obtain photographs that include:

  • Four corner shots
  • VIN (Dash or door)
  • Plate
  • Mileage (Odometer or oil sticker)
  • Visible damaged areas

  •          As soon as the unit is inspected, our appraiser contacts the insured and our home office with the results of the inspection. The inspection status is documented in our claims management system and reported to you along with an estimated time for completion. A day after inspection, the appraiser will submit a preliminary loss report and photographs. We will give you a more concrete idea on a timeline for the estimate and provide you with the photographs. After the appraiser obtains the necessary part prices and necessary information, he will complete his report.

    Completed Reports: We can transmit our final reports by fax, e-mail, snail mail, uploaded to third party sites, or retrieved from our client access portal. Our average turnaround time from assignment to completion on heavy equipment units is 5-7 days not including weekends and holidays.

    Delays: Can every appraisal be inspected within 48 hours and reported within 120 hours? This is what we strive for, however, contact delays, necessary tear downs, driver appointment requests, and availability of part prices for certain types of damage appraisals may delay completion. If this occurs, you will receive timely updates until the appraisal in completed.